Privacy Bee does seem like a small price to pay to prevent a massive headache in the future when the next data breach inevitably occurs.

We Believe in Privacy

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

The world is changing fast, and today businesses are at war with an invisible force...

the exploitation of employee data.

Cybersecurity is not enough!

100% of the breached companies in 2022 had cybersecurity investments. You don't defend a castle from siege by hardening the walls, you go after the catapult. External Data Privacy disrupts cyber threats before they start!

We believe privacy is fundamental. At some point our society changed from opt-in to opt-out, and we're fighting back.


Because the bad guys aren't going to stop, the exploitation of data is getting worse, data breaches are unrelenting, poaching is rampant, and legislation is ineffective. Privacy is no longer a luxury, but is now a necessity.


It's rare that a single solution has such broad and substantial business impact. Properly managed employee privacy is transforming businesses with substantial risk mitigation and renewed operational efficiency.


Poor External Data Privacy is draining businesses every single day through talent churn, cyber risk, productivity loss, data breaches, and more. Employee privacy is the single biggest wave to hit businesses in decades.


There are only two options: give up and accept the risk and losses, or fight back against this growing threat. Some see this war as a competitive advantage, others as a defensive strategy... but poorly run businesses don't see it at all.

Under Attack?

Executives receiving threats or worried about safety? Seeing an increase in spear phishing or social engineering? Worried about your cybersecurity holding up under the barrage? We can help.

Incident Response

Experience the World's Fastest Growing Data Privacy Platform

Bee Proactive

Don't sit around waiting for your defenses to fail. Go on the offensive, disrupting attacks before they start!

Data Breach Risk Mitigation

  • Cybersecurity is not enough
  • Disrupt attacks before they start
  • Proactive defense, not reactive

Executive Protection

  • Defense against physical safety threats
  • Protect the home and family of executives
  • Expedited exposure take downs

Vendor Risk Management

  • Monitor the privacy risks of all your vendors
  • Threat intelligence with detailed analytics
  • Real-time alerts and historical trends

Poach Defense

  • Decrease recruiter harassment
  • Scrub your employees from target lists
  • Boost productivity with less distractions

Telemarketing & Spam

  • Mass opt-out from marketing lists
  • Higher productivity & ability to focus
  • Less distractions from aggressive sales reps

Talent Acquisition

  • Top talent increasingly values their privacy
  • Win competitive offers with a unique benefit
  • Digital wellness, safety, and morale

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