Benefits Of Digital Hygiene & Wellness

Digital Hygiene & Wellness

Since its founding, Privacy Bee has recognized and promoted the truth that external data privacy is inseparable from personal and organizational wellness. Whether it’s the traumatic impact of data breaches and identity theft—or the cumulative psychophysical stress triggered by incessant spam or recruiter harassment—external data privacy solutions are absolutely a common sense, necessary solution to an ever-complex problem.

Multitudes of studies have demonstrated the ROI-positive nature of wellness initiatives. Per the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wellness programs yield an ROI of 50-300%, and 63% of employers offering wellness programs report increased financial sustainability and growth.

Meet modern workforce expectations.

Regarding wellness and satisfaction, the workforce expectation of employee external data privacy protection is becoming increasingly non-negotiable. Workers now expect their employers to view them as valued human beings and provide real-life benefits that support them on a personal level. Investing in the mental health of your employees can be achieved by reducing their internal anxiety and external stresses associated with being involved in compromised data exposures.

Your reputation matters, prioritize privacy now!

Per a report by Aflac, 70% of employees enrolled in wellness programs reported higher job satisfaction than employees that were not. A positive word-of-mouth reputation from satisfied employees does wonders for any brand, as there is often stunted growth without good employee wellness. Workers are more likely to recommend employers that support their physical well-being and prioritize their mental health.

Digital hygiene is an organization’s first line of defense against evolving security threats like social engineering, spear phishing, doxxing, and others. When an employee has bad digital hygiene, it makes it easy for bad actors to find PII associated with said employee and use it against them and the organization.

When it comes to safeguarding employees’ privacy...

Securing your circle of business can be ensured when utilizing the benefits of our top privacy apps that are engineered to combat the exploitation of your company. If you suspect or confirm that a breach has occurred within your company, we can help your business establish necessary breach procedures.

The next level of digital hygiene has arrived.

Hygienic efforts are further bolstered with external data audits of members within your company circle. Vendor risk management is also available for mitigating risks associated with conducting business with the outside world.

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