Role Of SOC & Security

When New Privacy laws began to arrive, data protection requirements became stricter. Privacy Bee supercharges Information Security Operations.

  • Privacy Bee fortifies the front-line defenses of Information Security Operations, monitoring external employee exposures 24/7 to remedy on-going threats as effectively as possible.

    Starting in 2023 and beyond, Large enterprises seeking vendors for Software as a Service, Cloud storage and other online services will not award contracts to providers lacking the proper protocols for external data mitigation and deletion. Having External data protections proves a client’s data will be handled, protected and kept private with the utmost care.

  • Expand Your Market Share by Publicizing A Commitment to Data Security & Privacy.

    No reputable organization will risk their own customers’ privacy by utilizing vendors that cannot demonstrate they meet these modern, stringent privacy standards for data security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy controls. With Privacy Bee, professional service providers and industry leaders behind the curve of data privacy risk mitigation are furnished with all the tools, controls, visibility and methodologies necessary to compliment their security operations center’s cybersecurity infrastructure.

    Equip My Business for Emerging Data Privacy Policies

  • Bee different

    With every exchange or transaction, clients and customers place their faith into the hands of organizations they trust doing business with. Provide your consumer base with peace-of-mind by utilizing Privacy Bee.

    76% of global consumers say that sharing their data with companies is a "necessary evil."

    Source: PwC, In data we trust: Living up to the credo of the 21st century, September 2020.
  • Strengthen Partner-Security and Model the Best Practices by Proving Your Businesses’ Commitment to Data Security & Privacy.

    Exploring further into our Data Privacy Suite is where InfoSec leaders can discover how to unify their organization’s data security practices and readiness to tackle external security incidents. Modernizing your cyber defense efforts with our data privacy solutions improves your businesses’ overall preparedness for emerging data privacy policies. Your business achieves true External Risk Mitigation when utilizing our world’s-fastest and most comprehensive threat detection and deletion solution, providing the most effective readiness against external data risks.

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  • Cybersecurity Alone is Not Enough!

    Our data privacy controls provides businesses with credibility and boosted client and customer confidence as strengthened compliance for local, national and global privacy regulations are also afforded with our data privacy solutions. By removing all exploitable employee PII and continually analyzing external data threats, Privacy Bee supercharges your organization's overall security posture. The time to modernize your company with a completed cyber defense effort is now!

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