Careers at Privacy Bee

Tired of Your Boring 9 to 5?
Try One of the Top Opportunities Around, Period.

We're looking for individuals with the right mind set to join our team. Success with Privacy Bee will change your life forever. So take a breath and decide: if you know in your heart you'll end up letting your laziness win, then move along and we wish you the best. However, if you have the discipline and fortitude to go all-in, Privacy Bee is the opportunity for you.

Really? The FASTEST GROWING data privacy company in the world?

Look, we get it. It's a weird job market right now and far too many job listings are scams... but not us.

We're a world-changing company looking to hire real people, in a real office, for a real job that pays real money; and it could be a perfect fit for you.

Though in full transparency this job isn’t for most. If you love a challenge and have a determined, goal-focused personality, then you will thrive here. Privacy Bee careers require passion, creativity, fire, grit, charisma and perseverance. We're not looking for mediocrity; this is a go big or go home opportunity. We hire for Monday-Friday W2 office positions (NOT remote). Bonus points if you're good at ping-pong (we get competitive)!

While we have a fantastic product with massive market demand, working here isn’t always glamorous. There are challenges we take on and many new trails to blaze! The key difference that sets our careers apart is we’re a company guided by a proven leader who’s already changed past team members’ lives after growing past enterprises. While the Privacy Bee lifestyle may include drones, ping-pong, gaming, hoverboards, bean bags and the occasional nerf gun drive-by, our culture requires individuals with self-control that can independently get their work done as we don't micromanage, choosing instead to trust our team. Our startup requires team members responsible enough to effectively manage their time while remaining effectively productive in our (admittedly) work-hard, play-hard environment.

So now what?

You’re at a crossroads here. You can reach out to us to setup an interview, which might be the best decision you'll ever make... OR... you can keep looking for the same old traditional, boring cubicle job. It’s your call: a job with a possible 1.3% occasional raise that requires giving up your dreams or taking your shot with Privacy Bee.

The choice is yours.

Interested in chatting further?

Select a position and send us an email with your resume, contact info, and a brief paragraph on who you are and what makes you unique, versus the 8 billion other people on this rock.

Take your shot, or someone else will!

Current Openings 8


Full Stack Engineer

Manage our product’s software development process from conception to deployment.


Product UI Designer

Work with our UX designer to create intuitive interfaces with the right look and feel required for our products.


Agile Project Manager

Ensure our dev teams achieve peak performance and quality, and are accountable for their work, while mentoring less experienced team members.


Marketing Director

Oversee our promotional marketing and advertising efforts to drive conversions and build upon our brand awareness.


Business Development Representative

Coordinate with Privacy Bee executives, sales members & marketers to help us fortify brand recognition and financial growth.


Customer Success Manager

Help us strengthen customer loyalties through building quality long-term client relationships as they transition from sales prospects to active users of our products.


Social Media Manager

Bee responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing strategies for our social media business accounts. Your skills will determine how effectively Privacy Bee will be able to portray its brand value online!


Sales Support

Take on the reigns of responsibility for monitoring our sales and the overall performance of our sales division, as well as recording sales data.