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    Sprawling organizations managing vital functions like public health at the CDC, food and drug safety at the FDA, Homeland Security, Public Education, Commerce and others impact the lives and livelihoods of millions. Public wellbeing hangs in the balance when cyber attacks disrupt these agencies. With Privacy Bee, agencies of all varieties establish, deploy and monitor their risk profile using tools like Vulnerability Monitoring. State Legislatures and the Federal Government are realizing the exigent need for strong data hygiene and are furthering regulations to govern minimum thresholds for information security across their operations and contractors.

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  • Demonstrate Care for Employee Safety

    Extremists and criminals both at home and abroad are motivated to harm the agents of government. Physical attacks on high-profile elected officials are on the rise. But so are attacks on low-level functionaries too. Judges are being doxxed by citizens who dispute their rulings in controversial cases. Law enforcement personnel are being targeted by drug cartels. The availability of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for sale by data brokers and people search sites makes it far easier for bad actors to perpetrate these crimes. Privacy Bee solutions for Governmental Agencies include Data Broker Removal, Doxxing Defenses and Marketing List Removal services to protect PII of public servants.

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  • Minimize Vendor Risk Among Government Contractors

    The US government at the Federal, State and Local level relies heavily on contractors to deliver the products and services called for by the legislative process. One recent count showed nearly 5,300 contractors serve the US government and roughly 4 in 10 people working for the US government are private contractors. So, it is critical that contractors’ information security is held to high standards so that criminals can’t exploit contractors’ vulnerabilities to gain access to governmental systems. Privacy Bee does Vendor Risk Management already being used by high-profile US governmental agencies. Privacy Bee can be utilized to successfully harden defences against drug cartels, partisan extremists and other terror threats.

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