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Boost e-commerce conversions by over 27%, for free!

Trust drives transactions, and credit card security badges are dated. Customers need to know their data is safe and they want control. Sign a pledge, paste the badge, and show your visitors they can trust you!

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Sign our Privacy Pledge and commit to responsible handling of your customers' personal information. That will unlock a live trust badge, which you can place on item detail pages or during the checkout flow to demonstrate trust and substantially boost conversion rates. And you earn commission on any Privacy Bee upsells from visitors who click to verify authenticity. There's literally zero downside from deploying our Privacy Trust Badge!

  • Show the world your company is trustworthy - trust is hard to build, so let Privacy Bee vouch for you with a public declaration that you signed the pledge and have continued to uphold a respectable level of trust.
  • Boost e-commerce conversion rates - Every single e-commerce site has the same old trust badges, so visitors are becoming blind to them. The world is changing, and while consumers still need to feel comfortable giving you their info, there's now less fear of a man-in-the-middle stealing their credit card number, and more fear that you will spam them insistently, or you'll expose their info later in a negligent data breach. In a recent study, e-commerce stores that deployed our Privacy Trust Badge saw an average 27% lift in conversions, with many seeing much higher!
  • Fast & Free - The two magic words. After signing the pledge, the Privacy Trust Badge is immediately generated and can be deployed in minutes (just copy and paste). And it's 100% free, as we hope it will encourage you to explore all the other ways Privacy Bee can benefit your company.


Privacy Bee is a consumer advocacy brand trusted by millions. By publicly signing our Privacy Pledge, you're telling the world that your company takes privacy seriously and you don't mishandle customer info. You're committing to not sell it for profit, and you're committing to delete the person's data if requested (frequently required by law anyway). By signing the Privacy Pledge, you're telling the world they can trust you.

When buying a product online, there are two primary fears consumers have which impedes sales: will this business spam me if I give them my info, and will I be put at risk if they get breached. In both cases, by signing our pledge you're primarily committing to delete the consumer's data if requested, which puts them in control and alleviates both concerns, substantially boosting conversion rates. And after signing the pledge, your company gets a personalized, live Privacy Trust Badge, which when displayed on item detail pages or during the checkout process, has been proven to boost conversion rates by 27% on average. The customer feels more comfortable giving you their info with a public commitment of trust.

Also as an added bonus, if a user clicks on the Privacy Trust Badge to confirm authenticity, then later converts to a paid Privacy Bee member, we will pay you a commission on that signup. So while secondary to your conversion rate lift, this is also a net-new revenue stream for websites. So don't pay for other trust badges: instead get better conversion rates and earn incremental revenue, with Privacy Bee.


Build instant credibility

Leverage the Privacy Bee brand to demonstrate your respect for privacy, building instant trust with your visitors.

27% more revenue, for free

When you look at your revenue, imagine it with a 27% boost but zero extra cost. Absolutely no downsides, just free money.

Less than 5 minutes to deploy

Sign the pledge, then copy and paste the badge. That's it! Boost your conversion rate before your coffee gets cold, for free.

Incremental Revenue Stream

Some users will click to confirm authenticity. If they then explore Privacy Bee and signup, we'll pay you a commission! Free money!

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Privacy Bee is the world's leading business privacy platform, offering the first ever web-based app ecosystem centered around privacy. Simply login to your free business account, find and select this app from our Privacy App Marketplace, then click Install.

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The exploitation of data is one of the biggest incursions ever to plague business, and Privacy Bee is fighting back. With the world's most expansive privacy-centric technology stack, we're arming businesses with the tools they need to combat the rise of data exploitation, comply with ever-changing legislation, protect the sanctity of individual privacy, and defend employees against the onslaught of data-driven attacks which put your business at risk.

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