Non Profits

Don’t Undermine Essential Community Benefits with Poor Data Hygiene

  • Guard Donor and Beneficiary Data at Once

    Nonprofits serve communities with essential services and have a duty to protect not only the benefactors who support their critical work, but also the often marginalized beneficiaries they seek to aid. Cyberattacks exposing either audience can result in significant negative consequences and impact ongoing success. Cybercriminals target non-profit organizations because they house sensitive donor data but also because of the identity-theft potential inherent among the beneficiary lists.

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  • Prevent Data Breaches Originating from Staff and Volunteers

    Nonprofit data breaches often occur because employees and volunteer staff are vulnerable to social engineering scams like spear phishing. What if there was a way to assess the privacy risk of each employee, volunteer and even affiliated stakeholders with whom the nonprofit does business? Privacy Bee delivers strong employee risk management assessment and mitigation tools along with a full array of functions designed to fortify external data and protect the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cybercriminals seek to steal from nonprofit organizations to power their criminal activities.

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  • Protect Nonprofit Execs and Other High Profile Targets from Harm

    Often involved in public advocacy, nonprofit leadership is increasingly targeted by extremists and bad actors who would resort to violence or threat of violence to express their disapproval of the work being done by organizations they disagree with. Doxxing and physical threats are easier to accomplish if personal information on high profile targets is easily accessible from data brokers, people finder sites and other data aggregators. Privacy Bee hardens security to prevent doxxing and physical threats by removing the PII of all employees and volunteers from easy accessibility.

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