Life Sciences

Secure Valuable Intellectual Property from Theft with Privacy Bee for Life Sciences Companies

  • Keep Prying Eyes Off of Prized IP

    As a Life Sciences leader, your organization has made massive investments into research and development, clinical trials and more to discover the next revolutionary advancement. You take the risk and do the painstaking work. So why should IP thieves at home or abroad be allowed to steal the profits? With Privacy Bee, biomedical technologies, pharmaceuticals and other life sciences organizations can enforce a Proactive Data Privacy Policy, ensuring all workstations - on site and at remote locations - are prevented from interacting with sites/entities online where the risk is higher that sensitive data could be accessed by hostile competitors or the thieves who’d sell them access to your IP.

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  • Protect Human Resources in a Highly Specialized Field

    Stop headhunters before they have the chance to entice your most critical resource out from under you. Keep productivity high and reduce costly staff turnover by embracing good data hygiene with Privacy Bee. Highly specialized personnel with advanced degrees are always in extreme short supply, even during recessionary periods. With Privacy Bee’s Data Broker Removal functions, you’ll remove your workforce from the lists purchased by thousands of staffing suppliers and HR departments.

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  • Keep Your Workforce Focused on Productive Activities

    Productivity can be negatively impacted by many factors, and most organizations don't have a measure or benchmark to wrap their head around the problem. On average, 3.2 hours a week per employee are being squandered on preventable distractions. Addressing these distractions can save organizations significant time and costs. Data Privacy Controls mitigate many of these distractions such as telemarketing, email spam and even the unsolicited offers from HR poachers.

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