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Privacy Bee University Courses

Core Privacy

Teach employees the basics of privacy. Free forever for all employees.


Comply with SOC2 and help SecOps or IT maintain highly aware and trained employees.

Spear Phishing & Social Engineering

Training for employees against the most common and dangerous attack types.

Online Employee Training

Privacy Bee offers the total package of training modalities for perfecting your employees awareness of external business threats. General cyber threat awareness alone is never enough, that’s why it is important to provide complete training that covers all bases from typical PII exposure sources to malicious tactics oft utilized in attacking businesses and employees.

Complete Online Training Course

You can select from our extensive collection of courses that prioritize privacy and are aimed at comprehensively explaining the primary components of the data broker sector. Our privacy-focused courses are tailored to cover all the essential details, and they can help your team stay informed and current on the challenges they may encounter in the future. Whether you choose to take the complete course or specific privacy-focused courses, our training will provide the necessary information and skills for your staff to excel.

Manage All Employee Privacy Training

Safeguard your employees communication behaviors through training for proper use and protection of sensitive data, while also erasing the success rate of external threats is the core of our employee training program. As employee’s security practices reaches Privacy Bee’s more refined level, the chances for a successful data or security breach become much less likely to transpire. Awareness training through Privacy Bee helps keep your organization compliant with data protection laws while bolstering trust with your employees, consumers, clients and partners.

Professionally Certified Privacy Training

Having to endure through poorly executed training methods are a perfect catalyst for wasted resources, leading to an and ineffective absorption of critical risk mitigation awareness.

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