Supply Chain Attacks Top Threat List for Manufacturers, But Other Data Privacy Risks Abound

  • Harden Supply Chain Against Ransomware & Social Engineering

    Strains on supply chains following unprecedented COVID-19 disruptions to demand for nearly every kind of product present cybercriminals with undeniable opportunities. For manufacturers, “just-in-time” strategies are especially vulnerable to disruption, driving spikes in ransomware attacks. Privacy Bee helps manufacturers drastically reduce social engineering scams hackers use to deploy ransomware and other attacks that grind production lines to a halt by not only addressing your data privacy challenges, but those of all your logistics and supply chain vendor/partners.

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  • Save Millions by Mitigating Vendor Risk

    Manufacturers typically do business with hundreds or even thousands of suppliers of raw materials they use to produce their products. For every raw materials vendor, there is a correlated logistics provider contracted to deliver materials into manufacturing plants, doubling the risk exposure. Data breaches wreak havoc on manufacturing schedules and risk idling production labor costing hundreds of thousands of dollars daily (if not more). Integrating Privacy Bee solutions into your business and requiring vendors to achieve compliance with your data security business rules is cost effective and easy to do.

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  • Fortify Endpoint Privacy Across All Manufacturing Facilities

    Large manufacturers can have numerous production facilities in different locations as dictated by logistics network optimization strategies. Corporate and administrative offices are often situated at separate locations as well. With data access distributed across geographically disparate points, Endpoint Privacy becomes a critical concern. Securing your business machines puts a stop to distractions used by cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to your business data. Reduce telemarketing, spamming, spear phishing, and other malicious cyber threats.

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  • Manufacturing and Data Breaches By the Numbers

    39 - percentage of Manufacturing Executives polled experienced a data breach in the last year

    $1 to $10 million - amount lost as a result of the reported breaches

    50 - percentage of manufacturing executives polled who report lacking confidence in their current levels of data protection

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