The Fourth Estate is Under Siege - Are Your Defenses Adequate?

Today’s media environment is fraught with risk. Between foreign actors seeking to undermine and misinform the American public for political purposes and domestic advocacies seeking to bend the public discourse to their point of view, media organs and outlets are increasingly targeted for cyber attacks. But there’s something media and communications companies can do to fight back!

  • Defend Public Personalities Against Doxxing & Physical Threats

    In today’s politicized media environment instances of violence against media personalities and doxxing of media executives are increasingly commonplace. Bad actors are able to purchase location information, home addresses, office locations and other personally identifiable information (PII) about anyone from data brokers, people searches and other sources of data. With Privacy Bee, you can remove your entire workforce from these data pools and make it nearly impossible for extremists or other criminal elements to find and visit harm upon them.

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  • Safeguard Your Subscribers’ PII

    Media companies collect and maintain volumes of personally identifiable information or “PII” on their subscribers. These vast pools of PII data are irresistible to cybercriminals because they can be used for identity theft and other crimes. In an age where trust in media is at a low point, don’t give your readers, viewers, listeners or subscribers any additional reasons - like losing their personal data to thieves - to distrust you.

    Shield Subscribers from Identity Theft

  • Extend Protection to the Vendor Pool

    Media and Communications organizations rely on extensive vendor networks. Distributors, content developers, advertisers, wire services, broadcast infrastructure maintenance, print houses, and scores of others do business with media outlets. So, even if your organization has good data hygiene and information security best practices, you’re only as secure as the weakest vendor with access to your network. That’s why Privacy Bee fields solutions for robust vendor risk assessment and management.

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“In October 2021, a sophisticated ransomware attack was launched against Sinclair Broadcast, the operator of 185 television stations across the U.S. The ransomware attack severely disrupted broadcasts at stations across the country and resulted in significant theft of data.

The company lost $63 million in advertising revenue during the fourth quarter of 2021 and incurred $11 million in costs and expenses related to mitigating the attack.”

- Cybersecurity Dive

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