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The exploitation of data is the biggest wave to hit businesses in decades. From an onslaught of Data Breaches, to dizzying global privacy legislation compliance, your business needs an ally. That's why thousands of companies trust Privacy Bee.

Vendor & Cookie Consent

Vendor & Cookie Consent Explore

A cookie banner that users actually like, and earns you revenue!

Employee Risk Management

Employee Risk Management Explore

Real-Time Monitoring of Employee Privacy Risks.

External Data Privacy Audit

External Data Privacy Audit Explore

Build an analytical executive summary of the privacy risks and opportunities within your organization.

Privacy Trust Badge

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Boost e-commerce conversions by over 27%, for free!

Vendor Risk Management

Vendor Risk Management Explore

Analyze your 3rd party vendors for their External Privacy Risk.

Consent Core

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Centralized management all user privacy preferences & requests.

Privacy Risk Assessment

Privacy Risk Assessment Explore

Evaluate your company's privacy maturity and data privacy risk.

Privacy Bee University

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Improve employee communication behaviors with phishing & data privacy awareness training.


Privacy Bee does seem like a small price to pay to prevent a massive headache in the future when the next data breach inevitably occurs.

Spear Phishing

When exposed employee PII is weaponized to craft highly personalized spear phishing payloads, it quickly becomes the most effective method for a hacker to breach your business.

Hackers are immoral and relentless.

Even the most seasoned employees are vulnerable to PII-infused Spear Phishing and Whaling like this.

No amount of training or cybersecurity would prevent this parent from disclosing their passwords or OTPs to get access to that message...Poor External Data Privacy Risks Data Breaches.

Employee Poaching

It only takes one bad day for your best employee to take an interview with an opportune or tempting recruiter.

Voluntary turnover is an unfortunate part of business, however beyond Friday pizza parties, businesses can combat this churn by decreasing temptation. Privacy Bee can remove your employee's PII from the top talent acquisition platforms, plus major Data Brokers who sell target lists to recruiters.

Your employees will get less recruiter harassment, less distractions, and overall less temptation. Privacy Bee's Poach Defense is proven to decrease annual voluntary churn by 16.8% (median) across mid-market organizations.


Privacy Bee is the most advanced and effective employee doxxing defense available, trusted to protect some of the most powerful, wealthy, and influential people in the world. With clients ranging from a leading global journalism conglomerate to criminal law firms and pharmaceutical research organizations... when personal safety is at risk, choose the #1 leading External Data Privacy solution: Privacy Bee.

Privacy Bee has the most advanced scanning platform with the most extensive coverage, the industry's highest take down success rates, and 100% real-time reporting. For example, Privacy Bee even goes a step beyond People Search Site monitoring, proxying major search engines and constantly searching for any other kind of attack vectors as well. It's truly comprehensive doxxing defense. There's simply no alternative when the lives of your employees and their families are at risk.

Physical Threats

With employee PII publicly exposed, they're at risk from disgruntled clients, extortionist hackers, former employees, extreme activists, or just passionate individuals on opposite ends of the spectrum from you. Some Privacy Bee clients reported employees getting death threats before signing up, while others struggled to attract and retain key talent, as the fear of working in a public or controversial industry made them vulnerable to unwanted and potentially dangerous attention.

Protect your employees and their families from physical violence, retaliation, or threats. Embrace privacy and bring comfort and confidence to your workforce.

Telemarketing & Spam

There are only 40 hours in a work week, and on average 3.2 hours per week gets wasted by preventable distractions like sales harassment.

Reclaim Sunk Productivity Costs

You pay your employees for time worked, but if their productivity is being wasted, that's payroll cash set on fire. The average company loses $5,496.19 per employee per year to sales harassment. Multiply that by your head count for a dizzying amount of opportunity. Let's reclaim those hours!

Boost Employee Wellness

Do you groan when your work phone rings, but you have to answer it? People enjoy coming to work when they are successful at their job. Fighting off sales harassment will add stress, risk deadlines, force overtime, and drain overall satisfaction. Attract top talent to a less distracting workplace!

Spam Fatigue

Trying to work through a never-ending barrage of spam emails, telemarketing calls, text message ads, and junk mail can feel like walking through molasses. Privacy Bee scrubs your employees from the Data Brokers who sell target lists to aggressive sales teams and mass-marketing platforms.

Identity Theft

With your personal info so widely exposed, what are you doing to prevent your identity from being stolen? 1 in 9 employees are victimized every year, and that's a major drain on productivity, mental focus, employee stress, and a massive headache overall. Unlike Identity Monitoring or ID Theft Insurance which just helps clean things up afterwards, Privacy Bee is the world's only PROACTIVE way to fight identity theft, making it harder for bad guys to steal your employees' identity in the first place. Reactive insurance is great, but leading companies go on the offensive with proactive External Data Privacy.

Social Engineering

Hackers are lazy and you have good cybersecurity. So instead of fighting break through your cyber defenses, now they'll just ask nicely.

Training is Great, but Insufficient

Training is great for fighting old school phishing, but is useless for the more sophisticated PII-infused social engineering attacks that are breaching massive companies seemingly every day. You can defend against the unknown, but it's harder to defend against the (seemingly) known.

Bypasses Your Cybersecurity

Why would a hacker spend time battling your industry-leading cybersecurity when a well-researched imposter phone call simulating a vendor or employee can instantly circumvent all your defenses? No one is immune, and it's an extremely effective way hackers breach companies.

External Data Privacy is Defense

Social Engineering is by far the most difficult attack vector to defend against and training goes out the window with a highly personalized payload. Investing in employee privacy will clean up exposed PII, limiting your attack surface and de-risking your org. Disrupt SE attacks before they start!

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