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Employee Risk Management

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Real-Time Monitoring of Employee Privacy Risks

Gain visibility into the External Data Privacy of your entire team with robust analytics, automatic flagging of high-risk employees, departmental insights, and exposure-level drill down capabilities.

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The most vulnerable attack vector in your organization are your people. Training is a great start, but often insufficient at defending against PII-infused spear phishing or social engineering attacks which are so personalized and feal so real, even the most seasoned employees fall victim. Gain valuable insight into which person and departments are most at-risk with Privacy Bee's 100% free Employee Risk Management app: fully web-based and scalable across organizations of all sizes.

  • 24/7 Real-Time Monitoring of Privacy Risks - aggregated per user and per department into tiered Risk Scores, for risk assessment at a glance!
  • Drill Down into Areas of Concern - powerful filters to segment and zoom, even down to individual exposures discovered. Complete transparency!
  • Protecting Your Employees Protects Your Company - Unmanaged External Data Privacy is one of the leading causes of Data Breaches.


Your business is under non-stop threat of breach, and despite your cybersecurity and training investments, your employees are still your biggest risk. Today's most effective form of social engineering or spear phishing employees a highly personalized payload of PII-infused content. The goal is to make the target feel like they know so much, they have to be the trusted entity they're impersonating, therefore bypassing their scrutiny and gaining valuable access or information.

Privacy Bee's Employee Risk Management (ERM) solution is an easy but powerful way to get visibility into your External Data Privacy risk. After just a few minutes to load and configure your employees (usually an exported CSV from your HCM software), Privacy Bee will automatically begin scanning hundreds of external sources, searching for any exposed privacy risks on each person. Any discoveries will be flagged as an exposure, and will affect that person's aggregated Privacy Risk Score.

At a glance, gain a full picture of your organization's real-time cyber risk from external privacy exposures. This privacy intelligence platform is 100% free for all businesses, powered by Privacy Bee.


Privacy Risk Score

Each employee is sorted with a simple Privacy Risk Score, for analysis at a glance

Data Breach Defense

De-risk your organization from the most effective attack vector that leads to a data breach: your employees

Real-Time Exposure Scanning

Scan every employee across hundreds of known sources for active privacy exposures and vulnerabilities

Departmental Insights

Roll-up employee risk into aggregated risk tiers by company department

Take Action

Easily provision Privacy Bee licenses for your most at risk employees to remediate any discovered privacy exposures

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The exploitation of data is one of the biggest incursions ever to plague business, and Privacy Bee is fighting back. With the world's most expansive privacy-centric technology stack, we're arming businesses with the tools they need to combat the rise of data exploitation, comply with ever-changing legislation, protect the sanctity of individual privacy, and defend employees against the onslaught of data-driven attacks which put your business at risk.

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