Role Of Executive Leadership

Information Security Begins with Leadership

  • Safeguard Fiscal Health and Reputation with Top Data Privacy Tools

    No board of directors ever criticizes a CEO investing in clear, effective governance for information security policy and practices. If you’re not articulating a clear and authoritative strategy for data security and privacy, you’ve already lost the battle.

    From the top floor, it's easier to see the common thread that runs through every function of the organization – Information Security. From HR, to IT, R&D to Product Development, Purchasing to Sales & Marketing, there is no functional area immune to cyber security risks. The threat even emanates beyond the walls of organization to vendors and other external partners.

    To the board and shareholders, there are only two classes of CEOs – those who successfully protect data security and privacy from serious data breaches and those who failed to do so with costly consequences. Which class would you care to join?

  • Grow Trust Internally and Externally with Top Data Privacy Tools

    Your key stakeholders – investors, clients, employees, vendors – trust your leadership when it comes to guarding data privacy against cyber attacks which have multiplied since COVID-19 forced the migration of entire industries into digital spaces.

    Like most, your IT resources are strained, trying to keep up with core functions while also addressing the rapid reshaping of cybersecurity risk practices. Show your Chief Information Security Officer and your IT teams that you support them with Privacy Bee. Our top data privacy tools take the weight of data privacy and security off their already loaded plates, demonstrating your commitment to their success and the success of the entire enterprise.

  • Avoid the Pain of Information Security Failure

    Some sobering numbers highlighting the value of Privacy Bee versus the costs of failure.

  • Support Strong Governance When it Comes to Data Privacy

    Help your CISO or CIO achieve disciplined information security policy and practices by introducing Privacy Bee. Collaborate on methods for securing external data privacy and practices to interrupt cybercriminals at the source.

    Criminals can purchase (or even find for free), Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on the internet. External data on your employees and their families, your vendors and partners is leveraged to steal credentialled access from your employees. Social Engineering - spear phishing, ransomware, etc. - now comprises the vast majority of all cyber attacks.

    Other threats from unsecured external data are no less costly. Data brokers, people search sites and other aggregators of data drive HR poachers, telemarketers, spammers dragging productivity and needlessly running up employee turnover.

    Partner with your CISO and deploy Privacy Bee for data governance your board will applaud! A cost-effective solution for external data protection Privacy Bee is affordable and proven-effective with minimal impact on internal IT resources. Cut off the primary avenue for scams, spam, identity thieves, and the entire array of social engineering threats currently driving losses and denting productivity

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