Role Of CISO & CIO

External Data Security Must Be Top of Mind for Every CISO/CIO

  • Address the Leading Threat to Cybersecurity

    5 out of TechRepublic’s Top 10 cybersecurity threats for 2023 have little to do with what is considered typical information security practice. Competent CISOs and CIOs already have hardened network infrastructure with strong firewalls, security monitoring and interception software, secured servers, multi-factor sign-in protocols, data encryption and effective methodologies for training employees about information security. But today, those step only represent half the battle.

    Ransomware, Phishing, Smishing, Social Engineering and Malware comprise a large portion of all cyber attacks on organizations. None of these threats are mitigated by firewalls, encryption or the rest of the traditional security strategies. Why? Because all these attack vectors rely on compromising employee and vendor data - referred to as “external data” - in order to sidestep the robust internal data security measures most organizations have implemented.

  • Mitigate Additional Threats Tied to External Data

    Beyond the cybercrimes taking place in the digital space, organizations today also face a host of other costly attacks made possible by unprotected, unmanaged access to external data. Data brokers, people search websites and other purveyors of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) serve the nefarious ends of bad actors seeking to inflict physical attacks on public personalities, executives, political leaders and other high profile figures. The same data is used to power productivity-sapping telemarketing and email spam campaigns. It is also used to power aggressive HR recruitment and employee poaching operations exploding workforce management costs.

    Privacy Bee provides dedicated solutions for CISOs and CIOs to deploy as part of end-to-end information security governance policies.

  • Attain Visibility and Control Over External Data Exposure

    Privacy Bee dashboards provide CISOs with intuitive visualizations to immediately quantify exposure risk levels for all internal employees as well as any and all vendors doing business with their organization. Vendor Risk Management is one of the most frequently overlooked security vulnerabilities for an organization and one which cybercriminals have been exploiting with greater frequency - especially via supply chain vendor relationships.

    Partner with executive leadership to deploy Privacy Bee for data governance! A cost-effective solution for external data protection Privacy Bee is affordable and proven-effective with minimal impact on precious internal IT resources. Cut off the primary avenue for scams, spam, identity thieves, and the entire array of social engineering threats currently driving losses and denting productivity.

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