Travel & Hospitality

Travel and Hospitality - One of the Fastest Growing Target Industries for Cybercrime

  • Get Ahead of Criminal Activity by Adopting Privacy Best Practices

    InfoSecurity Magazine highlights a thriving fraud market within the travel and hospitality industry attributed almost entirely to data breaches. Since January 2021, research revealed 4.4 million leaked credentials among airlines, online travel agencies and hospitality organizations worldwide. In fact airlines alone reported a 530% rise in cybercrime during and after the COVID19 pandemic. Insikt Group’s 2022 Cyber Threat Analysis document identifies travel-themed phishing, fraudulent travel agencies and affiliate programs, and sales of user account databases - often containing credit card and key identity data - as the predominant source of PII used for social engineering attacks. Is your workforce at risk for being the scammers’ way into these secure data pools?

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  • Fortify Information Security Across Third Party Industry Partners

    Threat actors capitalize on the abundance of third party travel sites, rewards programs, online travel agencies and even the Transportation Security Administration’s “PreCheck” application and the data sharing that such partnerships rely upon. Third party partnerships are a critical source of revenue for hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, cruise lines, excursion companies and more. So, how can your organization ensure data privacy not only within your operation, but across every third party vendor relationship?

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  • Protect Competitive Advantage in a Crowded Field

    There are few things more damaging to brand reputation for a travel or hospitality company than being disgraced by allowing customers’ identity to be stolen by cyber attacks. Your customers have to trust you with all their complete identity profile in order to book flights, rent cars, travel abroad, etc. Allowing customers’ identities to be stolen ensures they won’t be using you again for their next vacation. With so many competitive offerings available to consumers, the cost of shoddy information security doesn’t end with the preliminary loss. Is your external data security compromised?

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