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Employee privacy is rapidly evolving, and most existing programs aren't equipped to properly educate and train your employees

Our professionally produced Core Privacy training module is 100% free for all your employees! We believe the critical nature of these lessons should be adopted by all organizations, regardless of budgets.

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Quickly deploy and manage premium-quality employee training, uniquely focused on the most common vulnerabilities to modern business. You likely already train on choosing strong passwords or not clicking on suspicious email links, however that doesn't effectively prepare employees for the realities of PII-infused social engineering. Leading businesses are rolling out initiatives for also training employees on External Data Privacy risks.

  • 100% Free Core Privacy Training - No strings attached. Train your employees on the latest threats without using any budget.
  • Cybersecurity Is Not Enough - Check a box with the old/vanilla training courses, but actually de-risk your business with modern privacy training.
  • Employees Love It - Most training is arduous and tedious, so we've reimagined the experience. Instead of long lectures, Privacy Bee University modules are comprised of bite-sized lesson videos on singular topics, each only a couple minutes long, which cater to short attention spans!
  • Built by Privacy Bee - Training your employees on privacy should come from an expert in the space, and Privacy Bee is the #1 leading business privacy platform. Don't trust just anyone to keep your organization safe!


The exploitation of employee PII is one of the biggest threats to modern businesses. It fuels spear phishing and social engineering, which can lead to data breaches and other incursions. You might have great cybersecurity, but employee training is often the weakest link for an attacker to target.

Most employee training focuses on choosing strong passwords, and other tired concepts which cause employees to glaze over. No other employee training program in the world focuses on modern threats to a business, including External Data Privacy, the exploitation of People Search Sites to craft highly personalized (and convincing) attacks, and other ways that bad actors bypass your cybersecurity by tricking employees.

Keeping a modern workforce safe is an ever-evolving challenge and your existing training likely only covers the basics or is woefully out of date. Privacy Bee's unique training program is constantly updated and is a perfect complement to ensure every employee is well trained on the latest attack techniques. And best of all, it's 100% free forever! (no strings attached)


Fortify your human firewall

The most common attack vector that leads to data breaches is PII-infused social engineering. Finally relevant training for modern threats.

Engaging & time-efficient

Employees don't learn from long lectures. Instead we offer byte-size lessons that engage the employee and can be fit into even the most busy schedules.

Core Privacy is 100% Free

Our most popular training module, Core Privacy, is 100% free to all your employees forever, including centralized management. De-risk your org with no strings attached.

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Privacy Bee is the world's leading business privacy platform, offering the first ever web-based app ecosystem centered around privacy. Simply login to your free business account, find and select this app from our Privacy App Marketplace, then click Install.

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The exploitation of data is one of the biggest incursions ever to plague business, and Privacy Bee is fighting back. With the world's most expansive privacy-centric technology stack, we're arming businesses with the tools they need to combat the rise of data exploitation, comply with ever-changing legislation, protect the sanctity of individual privacy, and defend employees against the onslaught of data-driven attacks which put your business at risk.

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