Health Care

Healthcare Industry Data Hygiene Can Be a Life or Death Concern

  • Cybercriminals Don’t Observe HIPAA Rules

    The Federal government protects patients’ rights to keep sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient's consent or knowledge. However, criminals aren’t fond of observing the law and they covet identifiable information about patients to use in spear phishing and other attacks on healthcare organizations. In fact, Healthcare is one of the Top 5 most targeted industries for cybercrime. Privacy Bee is trusted by thousands of companies including Healthcare service providers.

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  • Guard Against Business Disruptions that Cost Lives

    Crippled computer systems lead to an infant’s death in Mobile, Alabama in 2019. A negligent homicide suit is brought against a hospital in Germany in 2021. Both cases hinged upon critical life saving care being delayed or overlooked while the information systems of healthcare providers were frozen due to ransomware attacks. While rare, similar cases are on the rise and the damage to reputation and compensatory damages can cost organizations tens of millions of dollars when lives are lost. The majority of ransomware finds its way into organizations through social engineering scams aimed at employees. Are you confident your employee privacy protocols are healthy?

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  • Immunize Yourself From Healthcare Worker Shortage

    Even pre-COVID, the shortage of healthcare workers was top of mind for service providers, hospitals and private practices alike. Since the pandemic, burnout has pushed many out of the healthcare workforce. As a result, poaching and aggressive recruitment have both been resurgent and if your organization doesn’t take preventative measures, your workforce will be targeted.

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