Energy & Utilities

Short Circuit Attacks on Energy & Utility Industry Infrastructure

  • Fortify Information Security Against Terrorism and Ransomware Crimes

    Increased threats from hostile foreign states and domestic extremists require deployment of proactive information security and data hygiene best practices. Whether seeking to cause security and economic disruption in the US or simply extract huge payoffs by holding vast swaths of the public hostage to power outages, Energy & Utility companies are vulnerable targets. With Privacy Bee, Energy & Utility companies intercept the lifeblood of cybercrime at its source: unsecured external data.

    Safeguard Energy Infastructure with Vulnerability Monitoring

  • Shrink Risk Exposure Across Expansive Energy Grids

    Energy and Utility organizations manage exceptionally broad and decentralized networks of physical targets, covering millions of square miles of power generation, transmission and distribution facilities. Often, these are geographically and organizationally decentralized with differing structures for cybersecurity leadership. With Privacy Bee, Energy & Utility organizations can identify vulnerabilities and enforce a Proactive Data privacy Policy, ensuring all workstations - at all sites and at remote locations - are enforcing the same data hygiene protocols. Protection even extends to cover third-party vendor personnel and systems ensuring effective vendor risk management.

    Decrease Your Threat Landscape

  • Get Ahead of the Operational Technology Convergence Challenge

    Operational Technology convergence with Information Technology makes disruption of systems easier to accomplish for cybercriminals. As operational tech grows increasingly reliant on automation, access to IT networks makes it easier for bad actors to disrupt the flow of energy without ever having to visit a physical location. Privacy Bee solutions remove all employee and other stakeholders’ data from data brokers and other aggregated data sources where criminals at home and abroad are easily accessing the information they leverage to spoof their way into data systems. No matter how decentralized your workforce, security practices and facilities may be, removing the personal data of all your personnel from ready availability on the internet preempts the cybercriminals’ ability to slip past your defenses.

    See If Your Staff or Contractors’ Info Is Available For Sale

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