Benefits Of Employee Safety

Employee Safety

  • Every endpoint is a potential point of risk for attacks.

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of endpoints businesses utilize has recently increased. Furthermore, the rate of remote workers connecting to various---often unsecured---Wi-Fi outlets on the go globally has also increased. This poses a major risk to businesses as their technological vulnerabilities are being inadvertently exposed worldwide.

  • An inconvenient truth.

    Whenever members of your business become victims of social engineering threats, their productivity can take an immense nose dive, as an average of 6 months and 200 hours is required to remedy the aftermath of privacy exploitation. In the aftermath of a breach, the reputational damage can be crippling for a brand. After all, data is often a company’s most valuable asset. Consequently, an entire business can be ruined beyond repair if a company’s data is compromised or leaked.

  • Risks of Inaction.

    The absence of employee privacy risk protection poses immense risks to your company. Due to socioeconomic factors such as employment status, net worth, or personal affiliations, the odds of your employees experiencing phishing scams or identity theft remains exceptionally high. The act of shielding non-executive company individuals from possible risks of doxxing or exposed location threats goes an incredibly long way in combating their experiences with recruiter poaching and harassment.

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