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Professional Services Firms Must Model Information Security and Data Privacy

  • Drive Value for Your Clients with Cutting Edge Data Privacy Practices

    You’re the attorney, accountant, project manager, supply chain planner, marketing firm or other professional service provider your client selected to help them optimize their operation. You’ll do more harm than good for them if your poor data hygiene and information security practices expose their business to costly data breaches. The average cost of a data breach rose to $4.35 million in 2022, and breaches are happening with increasing frequency. All your firm’s employees are likely listed in more than 70 data broker and people search sites. Not addressing data privacy puts your clientele at exceptional risk for a data breach. While your professional expertise may lie outside of cybersecurity, you can add value to your services by embracing best practices, and by leading your clients toward safety.

    Dive in & Uncover Which Employees are a Hazard to Your Consumers

  • Harden Your Defenses Against Today’s Top Attack Vectors

    Employee Phishing and social engineering is the biggest attack vector to any enterprise, it is also the most exploited. Bad guys are adaptable, and knowing most companies don't address user PII (personally identifiable information), they use it to side-step cyber security and walk through the digital front doors. Don’t track cyber mud through your valued clients’ organization. Ensure you and your staff are exhibiting impeccable digital hygiene.

    Perfect Your Cyber Hygiene Habits with PrivaceBee

  • Retain Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Talent

    Clients seek professional services for on-demand talent and expertise. Keep your talented experts from being enticed away by headhunters and talent poachers. Keep productivity high and reduce costly staff turnover by embracing good data hygiene with Privacy Bee. Effective professionals are always in short supply, even during recessionary periods. With Privacy Bee’s Data Broker Removal functions, you’ll remove your workforce from the lists purchased by thousands of staffing suppliers and HR departments.

    End Recruiter Harassment and Employee Poaching

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