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External Data Privacy Audit (EDPA)

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Build an analytical executive summary of the privacy risks and opportunities within your organization.

The EDPA analyzes and aggregates hundreds of available data points on your company, deriving an accurate financial impact analysis, and assembles a data-driven privacy business case.

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This 100% free web-based privacy app enables organizations to quickly and easily scan their employees and build an extensive audit, identifying privacy exposures and vulnerabilities, then extrapolating out financial impact across your company. It's a critical view into risk assessment, operational inefficiency, emerging cyber risk, and External Data Privacy management.

  • See your workforce vulnerability at a glance - quickly determine the most at-risk departments and employees by their public vulnerabilities.
  • Dark web scanning & exposures - 100% free aggregated and drill down analyics on Dark Web exposures across all your employees.
  • Bridge cyber risk to financial impact - auditing employee vulnerabilities becomes actionable with accurate financial modeling and forecasted opportunities upon risk resolution.


You intrinsically know a lack of privacy has real business impacts and risk, however many organizations require a data-driven business case to be presented to senior leadership ahead of any substantial investments. This External Data Privacy Audit aims to power that business case by performing a quantitative analysis of your employees, modeling out opportunity and loss, allowing accurate financial forecasts to be extrapolated. This impact assessment does all the hard work and lays an elegant foundation for a comprehensive Cost Benefit Analysis.

The EDPA is a unified employee audit, bringing together real-time dark web monitoring with 24/7 active clear web monitoring (Data Brokers, People Search Sites, paste sites, and more). Gain a centralized view into public employee exposures, then overlay the tangible financial impact it is having within your organization.


Dark Web Monitoring

See how many of your employees are exposed on the dark web, and how.

Clear Web Monitoring

Powerful scanning of Data Brokers, People Search Sites, Paste Sites, and more.

Financial Impact Assessment

Quantify the risks and opportunities through transparent financial modeling.

Most At-Risk Employees

Quickly view the employees within your organization with recent public exposures.

Personalized To You

Easily adjust risk thresholds and overlay across employees for high accuracy.

Data-Driven Business Case

Build an airtight business case for senior leadership to take privacy seriously.

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The exploitation of data is one of the biggest incursions ever to plague business, and Privacy Bee is fighting back. With the world's most expansive privacy-centric technology stack, we're arming businesses with the tools they need to combat the rise of data exploitation, comply with ever-changing legislation, protect the sanctity of individual privacy, and defend employees against the onslaught of data-driven attacks which put your business at risk.

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