Role Of Ethical Marketers

Convey Privacy & Trust as a Key Corporate Value in Ethical Marketing

  • Demonstrate Industry Leadership - Focus on Evolving User Preferences

    The public is growing more knowledgeable about how their online interactions can compromise their privacy and security. Savvy organizations understand they must convey transparency, sustainability, concern for human rights and care for customer data protection in their marketing in order to achieve and maintain competitive advantage.

    For Ethical Marketing leaders - particularly those serving the highest profile corporate brands - delivering exceptional marketing product must now include emphasis on principled data utilization and handling practices. As legislation continues to catch up to technology, ethical marketing organizations can leverage Privacy Bee to achieve and maintain compliance with emerging data privacy regulations.

  • Deliver Transparency in Customer Data Protection

    Enterprise marketing organizations deploy a broad array of marketing tactics across multiple channels - print, broadcast, digital, etc. Whether in display ads in print and online, direct email, Pay-Per-Click, social media promotions and even direct postal mail, customers’ personal data is inherently involved. Demonstrate to consumers your organization’s devotion to their privacy and protection using Privacy Bee. Show how your organization complies with emerging legislation and respects user preferences regarding their personal data.

  • Use Case

    A unified opt-out system applied to all the Ethical Marketer’s promotional systems bringing user preferences together in one place, then synching those preferences to master target lists.

  • Achieve Compliance With Emerging Regulations and Laws

    One day perhaps, there will be a unified set of laws and regulations governing data sharing and privacy. Until then, Ethical Marketing shops and the organizations they serve must demonstrate the organization’s commitment to compliance with the patchwork of regulations set forth by different authorities in divergent locations.

    For example, the California Privacy Protection Agency is set to actively audit and fine non-compliant companies beginning in 2023. The European Union has the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR already in effect. Privacy laws in Europe and in some U.S. states (the EU’s GDPR, California’s CCPA) are making data sharing and usage more regulated. California is also creating the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA), which will be in force in 2023 and actively audit and fine non-compliant businesses. In July 2022, the federal Safe Data Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate.

    These and other emerging personal data protection rules are driving adoption of Consent Management Platforms or CMPs. Privacy Bee is immersed in the latest data privacy management methodologies and can help organizations deploy and promote these best practices for protecting customers’ privacy and data online.

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