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Powerful Cyber Risk Management in the HR Department

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    Protecting your organization’s data in spite of high numbers of remote workersManaging Vendor Risk with your numerous staffing and staffing solution, payroll and partnersIdentifying and addressing privacy risks across the entire organization

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    Almost entirely managed online today and characterized by inclusion of the most sensitive PII, HR systems are a prime target for cybercriminals. Beyond the internal pools of data hackers can use for social engineering schemes to gain entry to protected information systems, HR departments routinely leverage staffing vendors and other external partners which increases risk.

    HR must contend not only with cybercriminals, but they’re also confronted with competing organizations leveraging data accessibility to poach talent in tight labor market environments. The same data brokers serving bad actors also serve competing staffing suppliers and HR departments. Strong HR security controls can reduce poaching and churn by better than 90% driving significant cost savings through reduced onboarding and training driven by employee churn.

  • Case Study

    • Customer: Private Healthcare Services Company
    • Challenge: High turnover rate due to constant barrage of targeted offers made to key employees
    • Solution: Used Privacy Bee to set and enforce privacy risk score thresholds to weed out highest risk vendors and incentivize vendors to comply. Performed privacy risk assessments on all internal employees and external resources to lower aggregate employee risk scores.
    • Results: Saved $15,000 in lost productivity, recruiting, onboarding and training for each employee retained. Overall retention rose from 62% to 89% in one year.
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