Data Privacy & External Risk Mitigation's Impact On U.S. Government.

U.S. sectors of government motions towards implementing definitive risk mitigation.

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External Risk Mitigation's Role in Safeguarding Critical Data & Safety of Governing Institutions & Officials.

Ending Institutional Breaches

In 2023, U.S. government is again confronting the ways our world has changed, and the multitude of external risks its critical sectors must prepare to defend against. From cyber threats to institutional breaches, U.S. leaders are evaluating our evolved digital landscape and are prioritizing external risk mitigation and management as a new standard.

Securing Data Privacy

For elected officials, data privacy blind spots have regularly lead to socially engineered doxxing. When successful, these efforts can generate negative press, causing fallout like the loss of critical employees or compromised reputation amongst constituents.

Evolved Cyber Security

State, local and federal sectors of government have similar vulnerabilities to consider, therefore, actual implementation of mitigation techniques are required to drastically wane adverse impacts experienced during emergency situations. That being said, let’s examine the modern methods government officials are utilizing to complete the new spectrum of cyber security.

How U.S. governments are managing the newest frontier of cyber security.

Elimination of exposed employees information across Data Sites & Brokers.

Develop & enforce proper internal policies to mitigate risk.

Endpoint protection, firewalls, forensics & ongoing monitoring.

Sending fake spear phishing emails to identify who is at risk.

Education on how to identify an incoming spear phishing threat.

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