High Value Product, Extended Vendor Networks, and Financial Data, Auto Dealers are a Cybercriminal’s Dream

  • Protecting Customers’ Financial Data

    Automotive Dealers present a great opportunity for cybercriminals. High ticket purchases like automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and watercraft always involve accessing financial account data. Building an ongoing relationship with auto buyers can be very lucrative for your organization over a lifetime. So, it's worth proving your bona fides when it comes to protecting customer data. This begins with ensuring your customers’ valuable data is protected from spear phishing and other social engineering hacks, comprising 82% of all data breaches. Want to show your customers you care about their privacy?

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  • Safeguard Your Investment in Brand Reputation

    Top Automotive brands invest millions to build a reputation for reliability and consumer safety. Losing that reputation can damage or destroy the carefully cultivated brand and drive customers away. Not only do data breaches increase costs - patching the vulnerability, paying damages to victims, legal fees to defend lawsuits - but they also kneecap the acquisition of new customers. There are plenty of places for consumers to shop for a new or pre-owned vehicle. Don’t give them any reason to choose your competitors. Want to learn more about how Privacy Bee can help protect your dealership?

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  • Mitigate Vendor Risk - Protect eCommerce from End to End

    Automotive companies utilize dozens of third-party vendors in their regular operations. Parts suppliers, marketing and advertising firms, finance companies, detailing services and many more. These relationships weaken cyber security unless you can somehow ensure all your vendors are as focused on data privacy as possible. Privacy Bee is designed to be extensible to your entire vendor network and provides tools for regular vendor risk assessments. Centrally configure Trusted Companies across all your employees, whitelisting your current vendors, then Privacy Bee legally compels previous vendors to delete any employee data they may still be retaining.

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