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Defend your employees from aggressive recruiters with Privacy Bee: Poach Defense!

It only takes one bad day for your best employee to take a meeting with a recruiter. What are you doing to fight back? Privacy Bee removes your employees’ contact info from the Data Brokers who sell to recruiters, making it harder for them to reach your team, resulting in less harrassment (temptation) and higher employee retention!

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Protect Your Employees

  • A simple way to meaningfully improve Employee Retention
  • Productivity: receive less telemarketing & spam emails (17x ROI)
  • Digital Wellness: peace of mind from cleaning up exposures
  • Talent acquisition: offer a unique benefit in comp packages

4.5/5 EXCELLENT – Highly Recommended!

PC Magazine performed a multi-month, deep-dive audit on Privacy Bee, and awarded it one of their top scores!

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When you submit this form you consent to us emailing you occasionally about our products and services. You can unsubscribe at any time, and we will never sell or pass your info onto third parties.

Join the 400+ companies who trust Privacy Bee to protect their employees

Within minutes you can protect the privacy of thousands of employees


Tell us which employees to protect (Excel/CSV)

Scan & Monitor

24/7/365 scanning for privacy exposures

Fix Vulnerabilities

Privacy Bee deletes any exposed sensitive info

Training & Support

Employee privacy best practices and concierge

Flexible Options for Employee Coverage

Each organization has unique needs when it comes to their employee’s privacy. We have a wide range of configurations available based on risk tolerance, budget, and industry.

Converage Details
Executive Protection
Your executives and board of directors should not be harrassed by telemarketers, scammers, hackers, recruiters, and disgruntled customers with malicious intent. Protect them and their entire families.
Senior Leadership
The most frequently targeted group by spear phishers and aggressive sales tactics, there is substantial exposure risk across upper management.
These employees are nearest to your customers, so most organizations see positive impact by investing in their employee satisfaction. Managers also lose 3.2+ hours per week in productivity, so decreasing distractions can be very profitable.
Some organizations experience high churn of non-management employees which can have a costly aggregated financial impact. Investing here can drive substantial ROI, while simultaneously boosting employee satisfaction.
Remote Workers
As the world embraces remote work, newfound risks related to privacy are emerging for remote workers. Recruiters, spear phishing, social engineering, sales harassment, and more are all targeting remote workers, who have an elevated risk.

How It Works

Most new companies can onboard Privacy Bee within just a few hours. No IT involvement is necessary, and configuring employee eligability is a breeze!

  • Onboarding call and training (easy!)
  • Setup employees and provision licenses
  • Employee welcome email sequence sent
  • Privacy vulnerability scanning begins
  • Exposure alerts and response actions
  • 24/7/365 ongoing monitoring & protection

Scan and secure your employees’ digital footprints

Have you Googled yourself recently? There’s a substantial of exposed information available on most people, and it is used by recruiters, telemarkets, identity thieves, hackers, and others with malicious intent.

Key Features

  • Delete the contact info of your employees from all major Data Brokers
  • Monitor Google for any exposed sensitive information
  • Manage the privacy risk of your employees and vendors

Assess and manage vendor privacy risk

We’ve mapped the privacy processes of over 80,000+ vendor companies, and actively work with most on data removals.

Key Features

  • Manage your list of Trusted Companies via your Vendors list
  • When a vendor gets terminated, Privacy Bee will work with them to ensure all the information they held on your employees is deleted

Stay informed on global privacy legislation

Privacy laws are constantly changing in the US (by state), and globally there’s a mad rush for every country to pass some kind of digital privacy legislation.

Key Features

  • Privacy Bee employees some of the leading minds on the forefront of employee privacy
  • Get access to exclusive thought leadership, executive briefs, employee webinars, and more
  • The Complete license tier includes individualized privacy education and ongoing training

Win the hearts and minds of your employees

Investing in employee privacy brings a host of benefits from lower stress, higher morale, increased employee satisfaction, and more.

Key Features

  • Help employees stay focused and cut down on distractions (less telemarketing and spam)
  • Decrease stress associated with lower productivity
  • Improve digital wellness and decrease online privacy footprint, helping employees feel safer and less exposed

Rich analytics for aggregated and individualized exposure risk

Maintain always-on visibility of your organization’s privacy vulnerabilities and risks, with the ability to deep-dive into any source of concern.

Key Features

  • Organization-level Privacy Risk Score shows an easy, aggregated roll-up KPI
  • Employee-level Privacy Risk Scores show which individuals most put your company at risk
  • External Data Privacy Audit (EDPA) is a real-time report of key privacy findings
  • Quarterly check-ins give expert insight into ways your organization track and correct privacy vulnerabilities

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Let’s explore how Privacy Bee can uniquely impact your organization. Fight back against Data Brokers and protect your employees from recruiters, aggressive sales outreach, spear phishers, hackers, and more.